LPY550AL Dual-Axis (Pitch and Yaw or XZ) Gyro with ±500°/s and ±2000°/s Ranges

LPY550AL Dual-Axis (Pitch and Yaw or XZ) Gyro with ±500°/s and ±2000°/s Ranges
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This product has been discontinued.

Suggested replacement: L3GD20H 3-axis gyro

This gyroscope board is a basic carrier/breakout board for the ST LPY550AL dual-axis gyro, which measures the angular rates of rotation about the pitch (x) and yaw (z) axes. Two separate analog voltage outputs for each axis provide angular velocity ranges of ±500°/s and ±2000°/s. This board has a 3.3V regulator for easy integration with 5 V parts, includes a low-pass filter on each output for noise reduction, and is smaller than competing products, all at a lower price.

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Size: 0.5″ × 1″ × 0.1″1
Weight: 1.2 g1

General specifications

Interface: analog voltage
Minimum operating voltage: 2.7 V2
Maximum operating voltage: 16 V3
Axes: pitch (x) and yaw (z)
Measurement range: ±500°/s and ±2000°/s
Sensitivity: 2 mV/(°/s) and 0.5 mV/(°/s)


Without included optional headers.
Voltages below 3.6 V should be connected directly to the 3.3V pin.
Internally regulated to 3.3 V.