1.b. Included components

The Zumo Shield is available:

Zumo Shield

The shield itself comes with the following components:

Zumo Robot Kit for Arduino

In addition to the shield and its included hardware, the Zumo robot kit for Arduino also includes these components:

  • Zumo chassis kit, which includes:
    • Zumo chassis main body
    • 1/16″ black acrylic mounting plate (not used with the Zumo Shield)
    • Two drive sprockets
    • Two idler sprockets
    • Two 22-tooth silicone tracks
    • Two shoulder bolts with washers and M3 nuts
    • Four 1/4″ #2-56 screws and nuts
    • Battery terminals

You will receive the black acrylic spacer and mounting plates with protective paper masking on both sides. You can peel this masking off to expose the acrylic surface, or you can leave it on to increase the thickness of the plates.

The shield and chassis kit include extra parts like jumper wires, screws, nuts, and washers, so do not be concerned if you have some leftover hardware after assembling your Zumo.

Zumo Robot for Arduino

The Zumo robot for Arduino is a fully-assembled robot platform built from the same components found in the Zumo robot kit for Arduino, along with these additions:

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