2. Before Programming

Connect Power

Before programming your AVR, you will need to connect power. Please see the user’s guide of your particular device for information on how to choose a suitable power supply and what pins to connect it to. If your device has a power button, you will need to press it to turn on power to the AVR.

Note: If you have purchased rechargeable batteries for your device, you should fully charge them before you first use them. You should never attempt to program your device if its batteries are drained or uncharged. Losing power during programming could permanently disable your AVR.

Try the preloaded demo program

The 3pi robot, Orangutan SVP, Orangutan SV-xx8, and Orangutan LV-xx8 all come with preloaded demo programs that demonstrate various features. Before programming, we recommend using these demo programs to familiarize yourself with some of your device’s features and also to make sure that the device is working.