New product: 5-Channel Reflectance Sensor Array for Balboa 32U4 Balancing Robot

Posted by Emily on 21 December 2018

We now have a 5-Channel Reflectance Sensor Array designed specifically for use with the Balboa 32U4 Balancing Robot. The array mounts to the Balboa 32U4 control board and provides an easy way to add line sensing to the Balboa (but following a line while balancing is actually kinda hard—and that part is up to you, should you accept the challenge).

The array features five IR emitter/phototransistor pairs with dimmable brightness control similar to our line of QTR reflectance sensors.

As with all of our new products this year, we are offering an introductory special. The sensor by itself is already inexpensive, so just discounting that did not seem exciting enough. To make it more celebratory, we decided to offer a special promotion for the whole Balboa package: you can get a Balboa 32U4 robot kit with motors, wheels, and the new 5-Channel Reflectance Sensor Array for just $79! To get the discounted price, add this special promotion product bundle and coupon code BALBOAREFLECT to your cart. Offer is limited to the first 100 customers, limit one per customer. If you already have a Balboa, or if you want different motors or wheels than what’s included in the bundle, you can use coupon code BALBOAREFLECT2 to save 35% (limit 2 per item).


I look forward to developing algorithms to allow the Balboa Balancing Robot to follow black lines on a white floor, solve line maze navigation and then navigate a wall maze. The recent release of the line sensor for Balboa was the selling point for me. I have developed these feats using the Zumo robots; using algorithms adapting analog sensors for distance to walls and line sensors to run the line maze. Access to the I2C and Serial1 pins as well as the line sensor adapter are easily adaptable to the new LIDAR sensors for I2C and XBee transceiver permitting remote control, communication and / or detection will provide the required means to an end. The Balboa balancing algorithm allows access to motor control that requires a change in thinking for adapting external devices. Discovering the "Timing without Delay" article for multitasking events was fruitful in upgrading the "DriveAround" routine to exercise different behaviors; like race track, squares and circles; to determine the range of motion control while balancing. All that is left to resolve is combining the timing algorithm with the sensor algorithm to complete the project; detecting and follow a line. I hope to succeed as I did with the Zumo products on similar projects.
Sounds like you have a lot of good fun ahead of you! Good luck; you might post about your projects on our forum.

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