Video: Getting Started with the Tic Stepper Motor Controllers

Posted by Emily on 21 March 2018

As I showed in my last post a few weeks ago, our Tic stepper motor controllers offer six different control interfaces so you can add stepper motors to a variety of projects. Getting started with the Tics is easy. This new video tutorial steps (see what I did there?) you through getting your stepper motor running with our Tic controllers:

As I was making this video, I realized one of the coolest things about the Tic is how quickly you can work out the capabilities of your stepper motor. Even if you’re comfortable using one of our stepper motor drivers along with a microcontroller, using the Tics makes adjusting settings like current limits, step rates, speed, and acceleration as quick as a click of the button, and you can control your motor directly from the software to make sure it’s behaving how you would like. So you might want to keep an extra Tic around for that purpose, just as a stepper motor tester.

Right now you can still purchase our newest Tic at a special introductory price of just $15.53 using the coupon code T500INTRO! (Click to add the coupon code to your cart.) We also cover shipping in the US! Note that this introductory offer applies only to the units without connectors soldered in.


My ticT500 is working great on a 2 motor robot platform using I2c. I only have one problem and 1 question. The problem is i cant find in the docs how to change the "reset timeout command" to a value other than 1000ms nor can i disable it from my arduino code. The alternative is to call it every 400ms anything greater than that wont work.
My question is: After i setup my Tic with the Tic Control Center does it retain all settings or do i have to add each setting to a setup function in my arduino code?

You can change the period for the Tic's command timeout feature (or disable it) from the "Input and motor settings" tab of the Tic Control Center. This information can be found in the "Error handling" section of the Tic's user's guide.

As for your question, the settings under the "Input and motor settings" tab and "Advanced settings" tab in the Tic Control Center will be saved on the Tic's EEPROM (after clicking the "Apply settings" button), so each time the Tic is reset or power cycled, those settings will persist.

If you have more questions, I recommend posting about it on our forum.

- Amanda

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