Addressable through-hole RGB LEDs are back

Posted by Ben on 10 May 2017

We’re happy to announce that our previously discontinued addressable through-hole RGB LEDs are once again part of our catalog and in stock! While these might look like ordinary RGB LEDs, each one contains its own integrated WS2811 LED driver that lets you chain them together and individually control them all with a single digital output from a microcontroller. The interface is very similar to that of our SK6812-based LED strips, so there is a variety of sample code available for the Arduino, AVR, and mbed microcontroller platforms.

The LEDs are available in two sizes: 5 mm and 8 mm.

Two different sizes of addressable RGB LED. From left to right, their diameters are: 5 mm (#2535) and 8 mm (#2536).


I want to create a footprint for KiCad. How thick are the pins and what is the distance between them? My LEDs are still on the mail.
We do not have those dimensions from the manufacturer, but I expect them to be similar to the many other LEDs out there with this kind of package. I just measured a few of the 5 mm ones, and the leads were approximately 0.5×0.5 mm thick and spaced on a 1.3 mm pitch. The leads of the 8 mm version look to be about the same.
Are Pololu's addressable thru-hole LEDs the same as NeoPixel diffused thru-hole LED?
I've used NeoPixel's before, and I can control each individual LED. However, Pololu's LED uses a WS2811 driver, which controls 3 LEDs together (not individually), while NeoPixel uses a WS2812 driver.
Hello, James.

Yes, you can control each LED individually (each one has its own WS2811 driver, and the 3 channels control the red, green, and blue output).

Separately, please note that LED color data is encoded in a green-red-blue order (GRB), so compared to the WS2812, the red and green colors are swapped.


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