New product: Aluminum mounting bracket for NEMA 14 stepper motors

Posted by Ben on 19 December 2014
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This new stepper motor bracket is designed to work with typical NEMA 14-size stepper motors, including all of the NEMA 14 stepper motors we carry. It is made from 2mm-thick black anodized aluminum, and like the larger NEMA 17 bracket we released earlier this year, it features slot cutouts to allow for a variety of mounting options.

For more information, see the product page.


While you have a pretty extensive set of stepper motors, some of which I've purchased in the past, you (and nobody else) has what I'm currently looking for:

Stepper motors with a hollow shaft. If the stepper is controlling/moving electronic or mechanical components, the wires will eventually wear out unless they are not moving much. An example of such a project would be a 2-axis gimbal, where the first stepper hosts a second stepper plus a payload. A hollow-shaft stepper would solve this problem -- and the shaft inner diameter should be able to host _at_ _least_ EIGHT #26 wires, say 4.5mm. Lastly, you would need a way to mount a payload to this shaft, some kind of hub of the appropriate size. You should consider adding this to your product line.

I'm just saying...


I am not entirely sure how adding a hole through the stepper motor shaft would help. It seems like the wires would still get twisted as the gimbal rotates. The typical way to deal with this kind of situation is with the use of a slip ring (e.g. Have you considered this approach?


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