New product: DRV8838 motor driver carrier

Posted by Jon on 5 September 2014
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If you’ve checked out my company profile, you might have noticed that my focus at Pololu is on developing mechanical parts. So, I am particularly excited to reveal this basic board I designed! (Don’t worry, like Jan mentioned in this blog post, we have support structures for checking all of the work we do, so other experienced electrical engineers here assessed and contributed to my work.)

The DRV8838 motor driver carrier is the smallest motor driver we’ve made yet. With a motor supply range from 0 V to 11 V and the ability to deliver a continuous 1.7 A (1.8 A peak) to a single brushed DC motor, the DRV8838 is an exciting option for controlling any one of our plastic or micro metal gearmotors. (That includes the high power versions.)

For more information about this carrier, see its product page.

But Jon, why are mechanical engineers designing PCBs?

As our products get more sophisticated, we find ourselves wanting to integrate mechanical and electrical aspects of our design process. To give the mechanical engineers better perspective on what goes into designing electronics, we were each assigned a simple board to develop. We expect this to improve our all-around engineering abilities and also to lead to additional benefits for our customers, like better documentation and support.


I am using DRV8838 Breakout Board to drive Husban Brushed DC Motor( 3.3V, 1.2A). LiPo battery( 3.7V). and TI MSP430G2553.
I am not able to get any output voltage. Can anyone help me Debug this circuit.
Thanks in Advance.

I am sorry you are having trouble using the DRV8838 motor driver. It is difficult to tell what might be the issue without additional information, and this comment section is not very well suited for troubleshooting. Can you post a more detailed description of your setup including pictures of all your connections on our forum?


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