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Hi, I'm Jon. I am an applications engineer at Pololu with a focus on mechanical components. This means I am part of the main team that responds to technical support phone calls, emails, and forum posts; I develop mechanical products when my techsupport duties are finished.

I have a bachelor's in aerospace engineering from Georgia Tech (Go Jackets!), and I am a member of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity. I do crossfit, and I'm beginning to develop an interest in UAVs. I am excited for space exploration and anything related to the planet Mars.

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    Jon's dead reckoning robot

    - 10 April 2014

    Like other engineers here, I made a robot for the LVBots dead reckoning competition. Before I knew about this competition, I hadn’t made a...

  • ToDo and Babel by Chris Eckert

    ToDo and Babel by Chris Eckert

    - 17 March 2014

    Chris Eckert makes devices that explore the artistic potential of factory automation. One of his works, entitled ToDo, is an automated wall...

  • Hope's Edge LED Banner

    Hope's Edge LED Banner

    - 6 February 2014

    Local indie artist and Pololu employee Tracey, intent on reviving her programming skills and exploring her budding interest in electronics, shed...

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