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New products: Scooter wheel adapters

Posted by Jon on 11 July 2014
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6 mm scooter wheel adapter pieces assembled with the included hardware.

6 mm scooter wheel adapter with included hardware.

You have probably seen wheels on things like scooters, skateboards, baby-strollers, and inline skates, and noticed just how similar these common wheels are in size and shape. In fact, they are so similar that the industries built up around them have converged upon using a few standard bearings. We found that one of the most popular bearings used with wheels like those is the metric 608 ball bearing. The 608 bearing has well defined tolerances, measures 22 mm wide by 7 mm tall, and features an 8 mm bore.

We recently used these measurements to create a series of adapters that enables you to use these widely-available wheels as drive wheels, which opens up a much larger variety of wheels to use with our motors!

Exploded view of the scooter wheel adapter assembly with a gearmotor and scooter wheel.

These adapters mount via set screw(s) to your motor’s output shaft (works best with D-shaped output shafts) and clamp tightly to the wheel.

We have versions of these adapters that support our gearmotors with 4 mm, 5 mm, and 6 mm shafts.


This is an excellent item. permits mounting a wide variety of skate wheels sizes and colors to your 5mm Stepper. Well machined and a perfect fit. Even came with spare hardware for when you drop one of those really small screws.
Hello, Lewis.

Thanks for taking the time to tell us what you think! I'm glad you like the adapter. What are you using it for?

Here are two of the scooter wheel adapters in action:, which also uses a two Pololu 37D mm 30:1 gear motors (with encoders). They really worked well on my balancing robot, and make a fun addition to any project!
Hello, Larry.

Thanks for the feedback and video of Zippy; we love seeing our products in action! I think its especially neat that you opted for a pair of scooter wheels (and adapters) instead of the wheels that the Balanduino uses (which I think are Banebots wheels).


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