250-Piece Short Jumper Wire Kit without Case (wires up to 1-inch long)

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This product has been discontinued.

We are no longer carrying this jumper wire kit. Please consider the 350-piece wire kit as an alternative.

This jumper wire set contains 25 each of the standard jumper wires that are up to 1 inch long. This jumper wire refill kit is great for replacing the commonly-used and easily-lost shorter wires from the 350-piece jumper wire kit and 350-piece jumper wire kit with adjustable case. This wire kit is compatible with any standard breadboard with a 0.1-inch grid.

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Pre-cut and pre-stripped wires simplify and speed up breadboarding work. Having exactly the right wire lengths for the job also makes your projects much neater, more reliable, and easier to debug. These wires are compatible with standard breadboards that have 0.1" grids.

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