Zumo 2040 Front Sensor Array

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This is the front sensor array of the Zumo 2040 robot. It is included as part of the Zumo 2040 Robot Kit and built into the assembled versions of the Zumo 2040 Robots. Additional header pins and infrared LEDs are included.

Note: This product is not intended for use with the Zumo 32U4 Robot or Zumo Robot for Arduino.

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This sensor array features five downward-facing reflectance sensors for line-following or edge-detection, and it also includes front- and side-facing detectors that work together with IR emitters on the Zumo 2040 main board to create a proximity sensor system. It is primarily intended as a replacement part, but it can also be used to make your own Zumo 2040 robot if you only want a subset of the parts included with the full kit.

Included components

The Zumo 2040 Front Sensor Array includes:

  • 2×12 extended male header for sensor array
  • two 1×3 right-angle male headers and two shorting blocks – jumpers for sensor array
  • two wide-angle and two narrow-angle through-hole infrared LEDs (these plug into the main board and serve as forward emitters for the proximity sensor detectors located on the front sensor array)

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