XYZrobot Smart Servo A1-16

Pololu item #: 3400
Brand: XYZrobot
Status: Discontinued at Pololu 
RoHS 3 compliant

This product has been discontinued.

This smart servo from XYZrobot was designed for their Bolide Y-01 Advanced Humanoid Robot and 6 DOF Robotic Arm, making it well suited for applications that require a lot of strong and complex actuation. Unlike common RC hobby servos, these servos are capable of 360° continuous rotation while still offering position control over an effective range of 330°. They feature a TTL serial interface that is used to configure and control the servo and get feedback about position, speed, and temperature.

Note: This is not an RC servo and does not use the same protocol, so it will not work with standard RC receivers and servo controllers.

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XYZrobot Smart Servo A1-16.

XYZrobot Smart Servo A1-16, top view.

XYZrobot Smart Servo A1-16, bottom view.

XYZrobot Smart Servo A1-16 with included cables and hardware.

XYZrobot Smart Servo A1-16.

Exploded view of the XYZrobot Smart Servo A1-16.

The geartrain of the XYZrobot Smart Servo A1-16.

Editor software can be used to adjust the many settings of the Smart Servo A1-16.

The Smart Servo A1-16 uses a TTL serial interface that allows up to 32 to be daisy chained on the same bus.

XYZrobot Smart Servo A1-16 specs.

XYZrobot 6 DOF Robotic Arm features six A1-16 smart servos.

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