iMAX B6AC V2 Balance Charger and Discharger

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Brand: SkyRC
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This product has been discontinued.

The SkyRC iMAX B6AC V2 can charge and discharge NiMH, NiCd, Pb, LiPo, Li-ion, and LiFe batteries with individual cell balancing for up to 6 lithium cells. It features a built-in adapter that can be powered from 100 V to 240 V AC, or it can alternatively be powered via an 11 V to 18 V DC input. With its versatile charging capabilities, PC control software, and advanced features like input power monitoring, delta-peak sensitivity, cyclic charging and discharging, and more, the iMAX B6AC V2 is a great addition to the workbench of any RC, DIY, or robot enthusiast.

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The iMAX B6AC V2 is a highly versatile, rapid battery charger, discharger, and balancer from SkyRC. It works with NiMH, NiCd, Pb, LiPo, Li-ion, and LiFe batteries, and features an internal independent lithium battery balancer that allows for balance charging and discharging of up to 6 cells. The B6AC has an integrated power adapter that accepts 100 V to 240 V AC (50 Hz to 60 Hz), which makes it compatible with all standard international mains voltages and frequencies, though the included power cable has a three-prong, US-style plug. Alternatively, it can be powered from an 11 V to 18 V DC input (e.g. from a bench-top power supply or a car battery). The charger ships with input power cables, multiple battery connection cables, and a printed instruction manual (2MB pdf).

The iMAX B6AC V2 is an upgraded version of the iMAX B6AC that has several new features and is more accurate and more stable. Among its new features are a micro USB connection for interfacing with the SkyRC ChargeMaster PC software and upgrading the firmware, user control over the final battery voltage when charging, a lithium battery meter that lets the user monitor each cell’s voltage, and an internal resistance meter. In addition, the iMAX B6AC V2 is capable of twice the discharge current of the first version (up to 2A rather than 1A) and has a re-peak mode that lets it automatically peak charge a battery up to three times to ensure the battery is fully charged.

SkyRC ChargeMaster software for the iMAX B6AC V2 Balance Charger and Discharger.

Feature summary

  • Accepts AC input from 100 V to 240 V (50 Hz to 60 Hz) or DC input from 11 V to 18 V
  • Charges up to 20 V Pb batteries
  • Charges up to 15 NiMH or NiCd cells
  • Charges up to 6 LiPo, Li-ion, or LiFe cells
  • Integrated independent lithium battery balancer for up to 6 cells
  • Fast charge and storage mode for lithium batteries
  • Check the voltage of individual LiPo cells within a multi-cell battery
  • Charge current range from 0.1 A to 6.0 A (50 W max)
  • Discharge current range from 0.1 A to 2.0 A (5 W max)
  • Delta-peak sensitivity (automatic charge termination using delta-peak voltage detection)
  • Automatically peak charge batteries up to three times in a row to ensure they are fully charged
  • Input power monitor to prevent damage to a car battery when charging in the field
  • Charge-current limiting (NiMH, NiCd)
  • Internal resistance meter
  • Control over the end voltage when charging
  • Stores up to ten user-created program settings
  • Cyclic charging/discharging
  • Temperature monitoring (requires an external temperature probe not included in this kit)
  • 16×2 character LCD display
  • ChargeMaster PC software for optionally monitoring and controlling the charging process from a computer

For a detailed list of features and information about using the charger, please read through the iMAX B6AC V2 instruction manual (2MB pdf) (a printed version of this manual is included with the charger).

Battery connector options included with the iMAX B6AC V2.

Included parts

  • iMAX B6AC V2 professional balance charger/discharger with built-in AC adapter (~145 × 135 × 35 mm and ~640 g)
  • AC input power adapter cable with three-prong, US-style plug
  • DC input power cable – barrel jack to alligator clips
  • Output charge cable – 4 mm banana plugs to a male T connector
  • Various battery connection cables – female T connector to:
  • Printed instruction manual

Note: There are a number of counterfeit iMAX B6AC chargers on the market that look almost identical to the real unit but are typically unreliable and inferior. We buy our units directly from SkyRC to ensure they are genuine. Each unit includes a holographic label with a unique scratch-and-reveal 12-digit security code that can be entered on the SkyRC web site to check the authenticity of the unit.

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