Wixel Shield for Arduino

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Status: Discontinued 

This product has been discontinued.

This product has been replaced by a new version.

Unleash your Arduino! This shield allows you to interface Wixel wireless modules to your Arduino (and other compatible products), enabling simple wireless programming, debugging, and control using standard Arduino software. Wixel developers can also use this item as a Wixel prototyping board.

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Documentation and other information

Pololu Wixel Shield for Arduino User’s Guide (Printable PDF)

User’s manual for the Pololu Wixel Shield for Arduino.

File downloads

Wireless Serial App for Wixel (version 1.3) configured for the Wixel Shield for Arduino (25k wxl)
This Wixel application is a special version of the Wireless Serial App that has been configured to work well with the Wixel Shield for Arduino. This app allows wireless programming of an Arduino and also wireless use of the Serial Monitor. See the Wixel Shield For Arduino page for a tutorial and see the Wixel user’s guide for more details about this app.
Wixel shield for Arduino schematic (39k pdf)

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