Tamiya 70203 Low-Current Motor Gearbox (3-Speed)

Tamiya 70203 Low-Current Motor Gearbox (3-Speed)
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This gearbox features a low-current brushed DC motor, which is great for projects where you want to keep your power consumption to a minimum. Its single gear train can be assembled to have one of three gear ratios: 12.7:1, 38.2:1, or 114.7:1.

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Does this gearbox come with motors?
Yes, motors are included with the Tamiya gearbox kits.
How do I order the correct gear ratio for this gearbox?
The Tamiya gearbox kits come with all of the gears and parts necessary to build the gearbox in any of the possible gear ratio configurations.
Is this gearbox suitable for my robot or project?
This gearbox is an eduational kit that you have to put together yourself. It is designed for use in small, indoor projects. The gearbox comes with plastic gears and small, low-voltage motors; if you are looking to build anything meant to work outdoors or in a rugged setting, you should be ready to replace the gearbox often or consider using a more robust, pre-assembled gearbox.
How will operating voltage affect motor lifetime? How bad is it to run these Tamiya motors at voltages exceeding the suggested 3 V maximum?
In general, the higher your voltage, the sooner your motors will die. Because these are toy motors, the manufacturer does not provide any official cycle-life specifications, but a customer of ours has conducted his own series of experiments that shed light on the relationship between operating voltage and motor lifetime. You can view Adam’s results here.