Sparkfun Carrier for MQ Gas Sensors (Bare PCB Only)

Pololu item #: 1639
Brand: SparkFun
Status: Discontinued at Pololu 
RoHS 3 status: supplier unspecified

This product has been discontinued.

Please consider the Pololu carrier for MQ Gas Sensors as an alternative.

This carrier board is designed to work with any of the MQ-series gas sensors, simplifying the interface from 6 to 4 pins that are broken out with a 0.1" spacing, making the board compatible with 0.1" headers and standard breadboards and perfboards. The board has the same diameter (16.8 mm) as the smaller of the gas-sensor packages, allowing for a low-profile connection.

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Sparkfun MQ gas sensor carrier, top view.

Sparkfun MQ gas sensor carrier, bottom view.

Sparkfun MQ gas sensor carrier with gas sensor (sold separately).

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