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Pololu 25D mm Metal Gearmotor Bracket Pair

Pololu item #: 1569
Brand: Pololu

This product has been discontinued.

This bracket has been replaced by a new version with quarter-inch mounting hole spacing.

These aluminum gearmotor brackets let you securely mount Pololu’s 25D mm metal gearmotors to your project. The brackets are sold in pairs, and each bracket includes four M3 screws for securing the motor to the bracket. Each bracket also features seven mounting holes and fourteen mounting slots for M3 or #4-size screws (not included), giving you a variety of mounting options.

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Pololu 25D mm metal gearmotor bracket pair.

Pololu 25D mm gearmotor with bracket.

Dimension diagram for the #1569 Pololu 25D mm metal gearmotor bracket. Units are mm over [inches].

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