Polo-BOO! Halloween Sale going on now – click for details!

Polo-BOO! Halloween Sale 2019

Halloween is quickly approaching, but there is still plenty of time for you makers out there to build something that will impress or terrify your friends and neighbors, and we want to help! We are having a sale on servos, motors, programmable controllers, sensors, LEDs, power supplies, and more – products that might come in handy for building an amazing costume or interactive yard display. Just use the coupon code POLOBOO19 to get an unsettling 13% off the product categories listed in our Polo-BOO sale category (limit 13 per item). Additionally, we are offering even bigger discounts on a few select products with the following coupon codes:

Maestro Servo Controllers
Sale discount: 26% off
Coupon code: HW19C102 (limit 13 per item)
A-Star Programmable Controllers
Sale discount: 23% off
Coupon code: HW19C149 (limit 13 per item)
Voltage Regulators
Sale discount: 19% off
Coupon code: HW19C136 (limit 13 per item)
Tic Stepper Motor Controllers
Sale discount: 24% off
Coupon code: HW19C212 (limit 13 per item)
Jrk G2 Motor Controllers
Sale discount: 21% off
Coupon code: HW19C95 (limit 13 per item)
Time-of-Flight Distance Sensors
Sale discount: 17% off
Coupon code: HW19C220 (limit 13 per item)

These coupons take precedence over the more general POLOBOO19 coupon. You can add all of the sale coupons to your cart automatically with the following link (unused coupons will be ignored at checkout):

    Add all coupons to cart…

Note: All discounts will appear in your cart. These sale coupons cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.

All the products you can get 13% off on using the coupon code POLOBOO19 :


Maestro Servo Controllers

RC Servos

Jrk Motor Controllers

Simple Motor Controllers

Brushed DC Motor Drivers

Metal Gearmotors

Plastic Gearmotors

Linear Actuators

Tic Stepper Motor Controllers

Stepper Motor Drivers

Stepper Motors

Motor Shaft Adapters

QTR Reflectance Sensors

Proximity and Distance Sensors

Brackets for Sharp Sensors

Force-Sensing Resistors & Linear Pots


Regulators and Power Supplies

Cables and Wire

Solderless Breadboards

Switches, Buttons, and Relays

Motor Brackets

If you are looking for some fun ideas of things to make this year, check out our sample Halloween projects.

Simple animatronic baby controlled by an A-Star 32U4 Mini SV.

Surprise candy bowl arm.

Motion tracking skull controlled by a Micro Maestro Servo Controller.

A creepy mask with eyes that move thanks to a Micro Maestro and some servos.

By the way, don’t forget about our custom laser cutting service, which can help you bring your frightening ideas to life!

Laser-cut and laser-engraved necklace with painted engraving.

Intro specials

And don’t forget to check out the big introductory special discounts that we offer to celebrate our new product releases. These are limited to the first 100 customers who use each intro special coupon code, and many still have uses left. Here are the three most recent ones:

And more…

Visit our Specials page for a full list of all the remaining intro special deals and other specially discounted items. Note: You will need to add the intro special coupon codes to your cart manually; these are not automatically added when you click the “add all coupons to cart” link.

Disclaimers: These coupons can be combined to save on multiple products in a single order, but multiple coupons that apply to the same product cannot be combined; the one that gives the larger discount will automatically be applied. When multiple coupons can apply to the same item, the various discounts could appear on the line item description even if only one coupon applies. For instance, a $10.00 item with a coupon making it $9.00 and a 15% off coupon could show both the $1.00 discount and the $1.50 discount, but the final price will be $8.50 since only the bigger discount will apply.

Some coupons impose quantity restrictions that are intended to be “per customer”; if a customer places multiple orders in an attempt to get around coupon quantity restrictions, we will cancel all but the initial order. It is acceptable to use the same coupon in multiple orders in a way that does not violate its per-customer quantity restrictions.

The percentage-off coupons are discounts relative to the applicable retail price break (before any relevant price-break upgrade coupons are applied). The coupons can be applied to backorders if a sale item runs out of stock and is backorderable; if an item is not backorderable, discounts will be limited to available stock.

New Products

9.7:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx63L mm HP 6V with 48 CPR Encoder
Tic 36v4 USB Multi-Interface High-Power Stepper Motor Controller
47:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx67L mm HP 6V with 48 CPR Encoder
99:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx69L mm HP 6V with 48 CPR Encoder
Free Circuit Cellar magazine September 2019
TB67S128FTG Stepper Motor Driver Carrier
Free Circuit Cellar magazine October 2019
ACHS-7124 Current Sensor Carrier -40A to +40A
ACHS-7125 Current Sensor Carrier -50A to +50A
Tic 36v4 USB Multi-Interface High-Power Stepper Motor Controller (Connectors Soldered)
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