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Pololu item #: 2125
Brand: Pololu
Status: Clearance 
RoHS 3 compliant
Temporarily out of stock. See product page to backorder.
Out of stock.

This sensor is a carrier/breakout board for the ST L3GD20 three-axis gyroscope, which measures the angular rates of rotation about the roll (X), pitch (Y), and yaw (Z) axes. Angular velocity measurements with a configurable range of ±250°/s, ±500°/s, or ±2000°/s can be read through a digital I²C or SPI interface. The board has a 3.3 V linear regulator and integrated level-shifters that allow it to work over an input voltage range of 2.5–5.5 V, and the 0.1″ pin spacing makes it easy to use with standard solderless breadboards and 0.1″ perfboards.

Clearance: This board is being replaced by the newer L3GD20H carrier and LSM6DS33 carrier.

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