3.a. Motor Commands

3.a.01. Command 214: Set Motor Mode
3.a.02. Command 128: Independent Motor Brake (inB = inA)
3.a.03. Command 136: Independent Motor Drive (inB = ~inA)
3.a.04. Command 232: Independent Motor Drive with Acceleration (inB = ~inA)
3.a.05. Command 144: Joint Motor Operation (inA1 = inB1 = in1; inA2 = inB2 = in2)
3.a.06. Command 228: Joint Motor Drive with Acceleration (in2 = ~in1)
3.a.07. Command 208: Set Acceleration
3.a.08. Command 188: Set Brake Duration
3.a.09. Command 212: Set Number of Current Sense Samples in Averages
3.a.10. Command 192: Set Current Limit
3.a.11. Command 210: Set Motor PWM Frequencies
3.a.12. Command 216: Get Average Motor Current

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