3.a.08. Command 188: Set Brake Duration

Effect: Sets the duration the specified motor spends braking low at 100% duty cycle when issued an acceleration command (228—Section 3.a.06 or 232—Section 3.a.04) that results in a change of direction. The brake duration value is in tens of milliseconds, so a value of 1 will result in a brake duration of 10 ms and a value of 127 will result in a brake duration of 1.27 seconds. A brake duration value of 0 causes the motor to switch direction with no braking in between. Brake duration is a seven-bit value.

This command does not save the brake duration value to EEPROM, however it can be saved by issuing a separate EEPROM-write command (240—Section 3.d.02) that stores the value at the appropriate address (11 for motor 1, 12 for motor 2). It is possible to safely store 8-bit values at these location if you need longer brake durations than 1.27 seconds.

Note: this command is bugged in firmware version 1.00 and has no effect, but it has been fixed in version 1.01.

Values sent: motor (1 bit), brake duration (7 bits)

command byte = 188 | (motor bit << 1)

data byte = 7-bit brake duration (MSB always zero)

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