3. Differences between board revisions

There have been two versions of the Wixel Shield for Arduino, the original (v1.0) and the current v1.1. While either version should generally be a drop-in replacement for the other, there are some minor differences between the two versions.

The first revision, released in June 2011, was version 1.0 (ash01a).

This version predated the Arduino Uno R3, so it lacked pass-throughs for the four new pins present on the R3 and all newer Arduinos.

Schematic diagram for v1.0 (39k pdf)

The second and latest revision, released in April 2016, is version 1.1 (ash01b).

Compared to v1.0, the following changes were made:

  • Pass-throughs were added for the four additional pins (SCL, SDA, IOREF, and an unused pin) on the Arduino Uno R3 and all newer Arduinos.
  • The reset button was moved slightly to make room for the new pass-throughs.
  • The UART (serial) level shifter circuits were changed to convert between the Arduino’s IOREF voltage and the Wixel’s 3.3 V instead of always using 5 V on the Arduino side.
  • Through-hole access points (ArdTX and ArdRX) were added to make it easier to remap the Arduino’s serial pins, which reduces the size of prototyping area very slightly.

Schematic diagram for v1.1 (153k pdf)

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