1. Overview

1.a. Module Pinout and Components
1.b. Supported Operating Systems
1.c. Government Regulations for Radio Devices

Wixel programmable USB wireless module.

The Pololu Wixel is a general-purpose programmable module featuring a 2.4 GHz radio and USB. The Wixel is based around the CC2511F32 microcontroller from Texas Instruments, which has an integrated radio transceiver, 32 KB of flash memory, 4 KB of RAM, and a full-speed USB interface. A total of 15 general-purpose I/O lines are available, including 6 analog inputs, and the 0.1" pin spacing makes the Wixel easy to use with breadboards and perfboards.

Wixel programmable USB wireless module enabling wireless communication between a PC and robot.

We provide free, open-source apps for the Wixel that you can load and configure with its built-in USB bootloader, turning it into whatever you need for your current project. Simply download a different app to reuse the Wixel in your next project.

Our Wireless Serial app turns a pair of Wixels into a wireless USB/TTL serial link for communication between two microcontrollers or between a PC and a microcontroller. This can be used, for example, for communication between two robots or to remotely monitor a robot from a computer. A special version of this app is designed for use with our Wixel shield for Arduino, which makes it easy to add wireless capabilities (including wireless programmability) to an Arduino or Arduino clone. Using an RF bit rate of 350 kbps, the serial app is capable of transmitting or receiving up to 10 KB of data per second and can reach a range of approximately 50 feet (under typical conditions indoors). Multiple serial links can be used simultaneously on different channels. Detailed information about the wireless serial app is available in Section 9.b.

Our USB-to-Serial app turns a single Wixel into a USB-to-TTL serial adapter that is capable of baud rates as high as 350,000 bps and supports four serial control signals. This app does not use the radio. Detailed information about this app is available in Section 9.c.

Our I/O Repeater app allows you to wirelessly extend the reach of your microcontroller’s I/O lines up to 50 feet using two or more Wixels. Detailed information about this app is available in Section 9.f.

We plan to release additional apps in the future for wireless AVR programming, wireless sensing, and more. You can also write your own apps using the open-source Wixel SDK (see Section 10) and share them with the community.

Included Hardware

The Wixel is available in two versions:

The Partial Kit version comes with a 25×1 straight 0.1" male header strip. This version is ideal for compact installations and allows flexibility in choice of connectors.

The Assembled version comes with its header pins soldered in, so it is ready to be connected to your project with no soldering required.

Wixel programmable USB wireless module (without header pins installed).

Wixel programmable USB wireless module (fully assembled).

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