3.c. Included Hardware

The qik ships with a 16×1 straight 0.100" male header strip, a 12×1 right angle 0.100" male header strip, and two red shorting blocks. This hardware gives you several options when it comes to making connections to your qik.

For the most compact installation, you can solder wires directly to the qik pins themselves and skip using the included hardware. For less permanent connections, you can break the 16×1 straight header strip into a 12×1 piece and two 2×1 pieces. You can optionally solder the 2×1 pieces into the jumper pins, and you can solder the 12×1 header strip of your choice into the qik control pins. You can then make your own cables that have female headers on them and plug these onto the male headers on your qik, or you can simply plug your qik into a breadboard. Using the right angle header allows for a compact profile or for vertical mounting into a breadboard; using the straight header allows for breadboarding as shown in the picture below.