G2 Simple Motor Controllers, Tic Stepper Motor Controllers, QTR Reflectance Sensors, Pololu Wheels & Tracks, Arduino Shields, and Raspberry Pi Expansion Boards

The Pololu Simple Motor Controllers (SMCs) make basic control of brushed DC motors easy. These versatile and highly configurable motor controllers yet span a wide range of power levels and offer four interface modes: USB, TTL serial, I²C, analog voltage, and hobby radio control (RC).

The Tic offers simple control of bipolar stepper motors directly from a variety of interfaces, including USB, TTL serial, I²C, hobby radio control (RC), analog voltage (potentiometer), and quadrature encoder signals.

These sensors use pairs of infrared LEDs and phototransistors to measure how much of the emitted IR light is being reflected from a nearby surface. They are great for edge detection and line following.

Our selection of plastic wheels and track systems press-fit onto the 3mm D shafts of our micro and 15.5D metal gearmotors to make a nice drive solution for small robots.

Shields are expansion boards that conveniently add peripheral electronics to Arduinos.

Augment your Raspberry Pi project with motor drivers, advanced power regulation, and more.

New Products

Silicone Tire Pair for 60×8mm/70×8mm Pololu Wheels
75:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx69L mm HP 12V with 48 CPR Encoder
7.5V, 2.6A Step-Down Voltage Regulator D36V28F7
A-Star 32U4 Prime LV microSD
Silicone Tire Pair for 80×10mm/90×10mm Pololu Wheels
A-Star 32U4 Prime LV microSD (SMT Components Only)
6V, 2.7A Step-Down Voltage Regulator D36V28F6
ACS724 Current Sensor Carrier 0 to 10A
ACS724 Current Sensor Carrier -20A to +20A
Glideforce LACT10P-12V-05 Light-Duty Linear Actuator with Feedback: 25kgf, 10" Stroke (9.8" Usable), 1.7"/s, 12V
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