Replacement motor for the NERF Stryfe

Posted by Paul on 8 March 2013

We recently heard that the Solarbotics RM2 is being used as a replacement motor for upgrading flywheel NERF blasters. In this discussion on the NerfHaven Forums, forum member 0reo says:

IMHO, these are the best motors for any flywheel nerf gun that runs on 4 AAs.

Featured link:


Or souped up rapidstrikes on a 12v battery pack, with the pusher motor replaced aswell...

There is a bit of misunderstanding in the Nerf mod community regarding these motors and when and how to use them.

They are useful primarily as a low cost upgrade that will work with stock 4xAA trays (ideally using NiMH cells with a lower internal resistance) and get you more velocity. You can see this configuration chrono'd here:

However, this motor is not where you should look for higher-end, or hobby grade, performance (in terms of velocity and response time). They will not deliver it at 4.8V or similar voltage, and with higher battery voltage the stock metal brushes will smoke quickly. Even if you install carbon (FC130) brush packs in them to correct that, they will not give you the punch you are looking for.

If you are expecting that sort of performance and planning on upgrading from toy grade AA holders to a proper power system, there are far more suited motor choices, including the motors that come with your gun, which only require higher voltage and better current capability batteries to outperform and outlast the RM2.
@ Shadowrider:

That's only true of international spec stock motors. Grey trigger models of all flywheel blasters have worse 130s to meet Australian requirements. I'm currently running my Demolisher at 9V with Aussie spec motors, and the performance is rather awful. Rev-up time is about 6sec from rest,between shots the rev-up time is about 2sec (maybe a little less, but that still isn't good). Maximum angled range is about 60ft. Flat I can achieve no more than 40ft.

There is a good market in Australia for these motors, because they are distinctly better than what is included with flywheel blasters here.

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