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Video: Introducing the Tic Stepper Motor Controllers

Posted by Emily on 28 February 2018

Our Tic Stepper Motor Controllers make basic control of stepper motors easy. This quick video shows you all the control interfaces you can use with our Tics to add stepper motors to your projects:

Making this video was actually the first time I’ve had a chance to play around with the Tics, and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was able to set up the Tic with each interface option. Once I had everything connected, it only took a few minutes using the control software to get things moving for each setup.

This video also gives a sneak peek of our new Tic T500 (the red Tics in the opening shot). Like our new stepper motor drivers, the T500s are based on the MPS MP6500 bipolar stepper motor driver. Keep an eye on this blog for their release in the coming weeks.


On RC controllers with the TIC do you have a recommended controller? Sensitivity of the switch is trivial; a forward, off, and backward option would work fine.
Hello, Kevin.

We do not have a specific recommendation for a controller; any hobby RC transmitter and receiver should work with our Tic stepper motor controllers.

Hi, I am interested ihn the Tic T825 and try to get my head around using the tic.h library (instead of ticcmd) and its commands. I have seen the code examples, but could not find a code example that includes the tic.h library. Hope that I did not overlook.

What I am interested in is Controller my stepper motor via my Raspberry Pi / USB, in C as programming language. I have to admit that my programming skills are limited, so would be great having an example that shows how to move the stepper forward and backwards.

Any help out there? Many thanks in advance, Helge
Hello, Helge.

We do not have any C examples using the library for the Tic. You would need to read the documentation of the library in the include/tic.h file to understand how to use it.

- Amanda
Hi Amanda,

Many thanks for your reply - just to confirm: the tic.h library (or rather libpololu-tic) is usable for the Raspberry Pi, and not limited to the Arduino?

Thanks for pointing me to library file. In addition, I found on github for the Arduino some examples (tic-Arduino), and was hoping I can possibly leverage a bit in terms of how to use the library commands similarly for the Pi.

Best, Helge
Yes, you can use libpololu-tic on the Raspberry Pi, but not on the Arduino, since the C library uses USB commands to interface with the Tic. We have a separate library for the Tic designed to work with Arduino products:

If you have further questions, please post on our forum:

- Amanda

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