Video: Zumo 32U4 Robot Example Projects

Posted by David on 9 April 2015
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We have a new video showing several projects you can do with a stock Zumo 32U4 robot. The Zumo 32U4’s motors, encoders, line sensors, proximity sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope, LCD, LEDs, and buttons make it a versatile robot that can be used in a wide variety of projects. The ATmega32U4 microcontroller on the Zumo 32U4 robot can be programmed in C++ from the Arduino IDE.

All of the projects shown in the video use unmodified, stock Zumo 32U4 robots (except for the Zumo driving on the refrigerator, which had strong magnets taped to it). However, you can open up even more possibilities by adding your own electronics to the Zumo 32U4. The FuzzBot, Pixy Pet, and this smartphone-controlled tank are some example projects by our customers that involved adding hardware to our older Zumo Robot for Arduino.

The source code for many of the projects shown in the video is available as examples in Zumo32U4 library, and we are working on adding more of them. Check it out, and get some ideas for a cool Zumo 32U4 project!


Impressive video, fine, really fine little fellow you have there.
Why isn't the self-balancing code for the 32U4 Zumo available?
If it is available I can't find it.

Unfortunately, the code for the "Balance using the gyro and accelerometer" example (shown in the video) is not available yet. We plan to add it to the Zumo32U4 library soon.

- Amanda
Sorry, I forgot to follow-up and post when we added that code to our libraries. You can now find the balancing code inside the Examples folder of the Zumo32U4 library as well as four other examples: RotationResist, FaceUphill, RemoteControl, and SumoProximitySensors.
The self balancing example seems to be interesting. I have an old zumo (2506, I think). I wonder how to convert it to run the self balancing example.
Hello, David.

Yeah, unfortunately we do not have an example for balancing an older robot using the Zumo shield. But if you want to try writing your own script, you could get a good start by taking a look at the Zumo32U4's Balancing sketch. If you get stuck, you might try posting to our forum:

Where can I find the examples of the source codes used for the projects shown in the video. The previous link does not show anything in Github.
Hello, Ben.

We separated the AStar32U4 library and Zumo32U4 library into their own repositories on our GitHub page, and I forgot to update the link in my previous comment, which is updated now. Here's the link to see the full Zumo-32U4 Library.

- Amanda
For some reason the example encoder code isn't showing up yellow like it should.
Hello, Tim.

Blog comments are not an appropriate place for troubleshooting. Please post on our forum or email us a more detailed description of your problem (it is not clear to me what you mean when you say the code "isn't showing up in yellow").

- Amanda

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