New product: Sharp GP2Y0A51SK0F Analog Distance Sensor 2-15cm

Posted by Ben on 5 December 2014
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Sharp GP2Y0A51SK0F Analog Distance Sensor 2-15cm with wires soldered directly to the sensor PCB.

We are now carrying the short-range Sharp GP2Y0A51SK0F Analog Distance Sensor. Like the GP2Y0D815Z0F we released a few months ago, this sensor has a maximum intended sensing range of 15 cm, but unlike that other sensor, this module tells you where the detected object is in its 2 cm to 15 cm range. Its close minimum sensing distance of 2 cm and high 60 Hz update rate make this a great choice for close-proximity range-finding, or the analog voltage output can be passed through a comparator to make an adjustable-threshold alternative to our digital Sharp distance sensors.

This sensor uses a 1.5 mm pitch JST ZH connector, which is different from the connectors on all the other Sharp sensors we carry. Unfortunately, this means it will not work with the JST PH cables we recommend for use with some of those other sensors. We are working on getting compatible cables, but in the interim, it is not too difficult (but not exactly easy) to solder wires directly to the output pins like in the picture on the right.

This sensor is also quite a bit smaller than most of the other analog Sharp sensors, so it will not work with our new brackets.

A variety of Sharp distance sensors. From left to right: GP2Y0A02, GP2Y0A21 or GP2Y0A41, GP2Y0A51, and GP2Y0D8xx.

For more information, see the GP2Y0A51SK0F product page.


These are great! I picked up a couple for my daughter's animatronic valentines box, plugged them into the analog inputs on a BeagleBone Black and had these working in minutes. Soldering to those little pins wasn't too bad, though, as warned, you must be careful to keep the wires and solder from crossing. Thanks.
Hello, Nathan.

Thanks for letting us know what it was like working with them. That sounds like a fun project! If you have pictures or a write-up of it, it would be great if you shared it on our forum.

i don't know if this is correct section to post, it is my first .
i tryed to use the GP2Y0D815Z0F in slot car application to detect the slotcar transition but the sensor seems don't work correctly with the black platic surface of the track and in corrispondence with the metal tracks.
have you some suggestion?
Hello, marco.

We noticed your post on our forum and I responded to it:

Please continue the discussion there.


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