Ibex: a wall-climbing robot by Operative RC

Posted by Jon on 20 June 2014

Forum user Lukeness made a detailed post about the design of his wall-climbing robot, Ibex, which is now available for purchase on his website, Operative RC.

The lightweight and compact RC-controlled wall-climbing robot uses a brushless DC motor for suction, and features a drive solution that uses four of our micro metal gearmotors, each driving a 32mm Pololu wheel and mounted with our micro metal gearmotor brackets.

The post includes pictures and videos of various iterations of Ibex and includes Luke’s reflection on the disheartening results of one of Ibex’s iterations. We’re glad to hear that Luke “stuck” with it, and now has a robot he is happy enough to market! We look forward to hearing more about Operative RC when more products become available.


i want to buy this robot or any kind of basic wall climber for about 200 USD
I would be interest on the "vacuum" design if this climber. Do any one has the specification of the Electric Ducted Fan(EDF)? Where can I buy it? What is the propeller?
We did not make the Ibex robot, and unfortunately, it looks like the Operative RC website is no longer running; you might try posting your question in the thread on our forum for the robot, to see if Lukeness might answer.


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