Robot Zero: a fast line follower for beginners

Posted by Ben on 7 February 2011

This excellent guide from C.I.r.E. (Club de Informática, robótica y Electrónica) shows in detail how to build a fast (> 2 m/s) line-following robot from scratch, and it makes use of a number of Pololu products.


Link "This excellent guide" is not working
Thank you for pointing that out. We fixed the link to point to an archive of that article, so you should be able to access it now.
Hello, I want to make a line following robot with QTR8A, but all sample codes on the internet are made with QTR8RC. Can you help me with this? I designed the line follower robot with QTR8A and TB6612 motor driver, arduino codes for my only minus 8A.
Hello, Hakan.

If you are using our QTR sensors library, then the "readLineBlack" function used to determine the array's position over a line works with both RC and analog sensors and provides the same output range.

In general, our library abstracts the type of sensor for all the higher level functionality, so you should be able to use many of the library's functions with either analog or RC QTR reflectance sensors.

If you have any further questions, I recommend posting on our forum since that would be a more appropriate setting for this type of discussion.

- Patrick

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