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Pololu item #: 749

Pricing: Approximately $2.50 per minute of laser cutting time.

Our custom laser cutting service is ideal for making custom parts quickly and economically for any project. You can get started with making custom laser-cut parts for only $25. If you are in a hurry, we can have custom plastic parts delivered to your door as soon as the next day!

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Custom laser cutting of stainless steel.

Laser-cut architectural ornament.

Close-up of the ornament.

Laser-cut palm trees in a variety of colors and material types.

An example laser-cut robot chassis.

Inside the example laser-cut chassis.

Laser-cut and raster-engraved wedding table sign (11"×4") cut from 1/8" birch plywood.

Close-up of the wedding table sign.

Laser-cut and laser-engraved heart earring.

Laser-cut and laser-engraved necklace with painted engraving.

Laser-cut and laser-engraved necklace with painted engraving.

Laser cut decoration for Anna.

Example laser-cut dinosaur.

Laser-engraved walnut handgun case.

Closeup of laser-engraved walnut handgun case.

A laser-cut and laser-engraved pentominoes puzzle.

A pentomino piece, showing engraved solution.

A laser-cut calculator robot chassis.

The calculator robot chassis, partially assembled.

A laser-cut sumo robot.

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