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Power HD SR8 Aluminum 25T Servo Horn

Pololu item #: 3433
Brand: Power HD
Status: Discontinued by Manufacturer 
RoHS 3 compliant

This product has been discontinued.

This lightweight (1.8 g) anodized aluminum servo horn works with the 25T servo splines typically found on standard-size servos and can be used as a stronger replacement for the plastic horns often included with these servos. The portion that grips the spline can flex to accommodate slight differences in spline diameters from servo to servo, and an included screw can then be used to make the fit appropriately tight. The two general-purpose mounting holes are threaded for M3 screws and are located 15.0 mm and 19.0 mm from the axis of rotation.

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Power HD SR8 Aluminum 25T Servo Horn.

Power HD SR8 Aluminum 25T Servo Horn on a FEETECH FS5115M servo.

Power HD SR8 Aluminum 25T Servo Horn, top view.

Power HD SR8 Aluminum 25T Servo Horn, bottom view.

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