Raspberry Pi Model B+

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Brand: Raspberry Pi
Status: Discontinued at Pololu 

This product has been discontinued.

Please consider the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ as an alternative.

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized computer with an ARM processor that can run Linux. This item is the Raspberry Pi Model B+, which has 512 MB of RAM, an Ethernet port, HDMI output, audio output, RCA composite video output (through the 3.5 mm jack), four USB ports, and 0.1″-spaced pins that provide access to general purpose inputs and outputs (GPIO). The Raspberry Pi requires a microSD card with an operating system on it (not included). The Raspberry Pi is very popular, with lots of example projects and information available online.

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Is it possible to use the same SD card on a Raspberry Model B and a Raspberry Pi Model B+?

Yes, this is possible. The two models use the same Broadcom processor and have similar hardware, so one SD card can work with both of them.

If you have a microSD card then you can connect it directly to the Raspberry Pi Model B+, and you can connect it to a Raspberry Pi Model B using an adapter.

If your SD card was prepared before July 2014, when the Raspberry Pi Model B+ was released, you will probably need to update the firmware on your card using the older Raspberry Pi in order to make the card work with the newer Model B+. If you are using Raspbian, the firmware update can be downloaded and installed by running “sudo rpi-update” in a terminal. If you attempt to use a card with older firmware on the Model B+, the USB and ethernet ports will not work.

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