Solarbotics GM10 81:1 Geared Pager Motor

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Brand: Solarbotics
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This product has been discontinued.

The Solarbotics GM10 81:1 Geared Pager Motor is a very small gearbox and brushed DC motor combination. The 5-gram unit delivers 3.6 oz-in of torque and 370 RPM at 5 V.

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The GM10 is a very small brushed DC motor and gearbox combination. At 5 volts, the motor draws 27 mA, and the 81:1 gear ratio delivers 370 RPM. This gearmotor provides 3.6 oz-in of torque with a stall current of 184 mA. All of this is in a tiny package with a weight of only 5 grams! This motor has 12" stranded wire leads.

This motor does not have continuous rotation by default, but you can easily remove the centering spring that limits motion to approximately 60 degrees in each direction. Removing the included arm exposes a 0.190" round shaft that is 0.125" long; the last 0.050" of the shaft is a square with 0.140" sides. The GM10 1" wheels are designed specifically for use with this motor once it has been modified for continuous rotation.

Note: The GM10 81:1 geared pager motor does not come with mounting hardware, instructions, or packaging.


  • Description: Centering pager gearmotor
  • Gear ratio: 81:1
  • 3 V Operation:
    • No-load RPM: ~ 233
    • No-load current: ~ 13 mA
    • Stall current: ~ 118 mA
    • Stall torque: ~ 2.2
  • 6 V Operation:
    • No-load RPM: ~ 454
    • No-load current: ~ 20 mA
    • Stall current: ~ 220 mA
    • Stall torque: ~ 3.2
  • Weight: 5 g

Solarbotics GM10 geared pager motor dimensions (in mm).

You can download a pdf version of this drawing here (48k pdf).

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