Solarbotics GM6 120:1 Mini Gear Motor Offset Output

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Brand: Solarbotics
Status: Discontinued at Pololu 
RoHS 3 compliant

This product has been discontinued.

The Solarbotics GM6 gearmotor with offset output is a compact, 120:1 gearmotor (gearbox with brushed DC motor) that is well-suited for use in small robots.

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This 120:1 brushed DC gearmotor is very compact and weighs only 0.7 ounces (20 grams) — perfect for building a quick, miniature robot.

This gearmotor starts rotation at 0.58 V, drawing only 46.5 mA at 7 RPM. At 5 V, the gearbox and motor provide 20 oz-in of torque and 145 RPM. The free-running current is 88 mA, and the stall current is 610 mA. The low-current motor is a perfect match for our qik 2s9v1 dual serial motor controller.

This gearmotor comes pre-assembled, with the gears fully enclosed. A clutch limits the output torque to approximately 25 oz-in (which is produced at 6.5 V, drawing 650 mA) to protect the gearbox and motor. The unit has one mounting hole, and the chrome-finish output shaft is splined with a 0.08" (2 mm)-crest diameter.

A custom plastic wheel is available for this gearmotor, as well as a LEGO wheel adapter that allows it to be used with a variety of LEGO wheels.

For a similar, less expensive version of this gearmotor, see the Pololu 120:1mini plastic gearmotor offset output. For a version of this gearmotor with a 90 degree output shaft, see the GM7 gearmotor. For a similar but larger gearmotor, see the GM2 gearmotor (224:1) and the GM8 gearmotor (143:1).


  • Description: Mini offset/inline
  • Gear ratio: 120:1
  • 3 V Operation:
    • No-load RPM: ~ 64
    • No-load current: ~ 64 mA
    • Stall current: ~ 325 mA
    • Stall torque: ~ 13.5 oz-in
  • 6 V Operation:
    • No-load RPM: ~ 157
    • No-load current: ~ 97 mA
    • Stall current: ~ 560 mA
    • Stall torque: ~ 21.1 oz-in
  • Weight: 18 g

Solarbotics GM6 gearmotor dimensions (in mm).

You can download a pdf version of this drawing with imperial dimensions (99k pdf) or metric dimensions (99k pdf).

Though the product picture shows two gearmotors, this product is for a single motor.

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