SCP1000 Absolute Pressure Sensor Carrier

SCP1000 Absolute Pressure Sensor Carrier
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This product has been discontinued.

Suggested replacement: BMP085 Barometric Pressure Sensor Breakout Board

SparkFun’s carrier board for the SCP1000-D01 absolute pressure (and temperature) sensor allows pressure measurements with 17-bit (1.5 Pa) resolution over a range of 30 to 120 kPa, which lets it work well as part of a barometer or altimeter. Both the pressure sensor and built-in thermometer can be read via the SPI lines brought out by the carrier board to a 0.1" header.

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File downloads

SCP1000 product family manual (2MB pdf)
Manual that explains the protocol and configuration options of the SCP1000 family of pressure sensors.
SCP1000 absolute pressure sensor datasheet (294k pdf)
SCP1000 schematic (13k pdf)
Schematic drawing of the SCP1000 absolute pressure sensor carrier circuit.