Hot Air Rework Station with Soldering Iron HR906

Hot Air Rework Station with Soldering Iron HR906
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This product has been discontinued.

This combined hot air and soldering iron station is great for doing surface-mount (SMT) soldering and rework. The hot air gun melts solder connections on multi-pin integrated circuits and the fine-tip iron solders fine-pitch parts. The station features independent control of hot air flow rate, air temperature, and iron temperature.

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Fine-tip soldering iron included with the hot air rework station.


This hot air rework station comes with a heat gun, four nozzles, fine-tip soldering iron, iron holder with sponge, and gun holster that attaches to the side of the base. The air pump is built into the base so no external compressor is needed. This high-quality station should meet all of your leaded and lead-free soldering and rework needs for through-hole parts and surface-mount parts with exposed leads.


  • Includes four nozzles (A1124, A1130, A1196, A1197)
  • Soldering iron with conical, T-I tip
  • Hot air gun adjustable from 100-500°C (212-896°F)
  • Iron temperature adjustable from 200-480°C (392-896°F)
  • Independent control of flow rate, gun temperature, and iron temperature
  • Independent power switches
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 110VAC Standard Power – 450W (max)
  • ESD Safe
  • 12 lbs. shipping weight