1.1. Configurations and included components

The Zumo 2040 robot is available in several configurations:

In addition, the Zumo 2040 Main Board is available separately; it is primarily intended as a replacement part, but you can also use it to make your own Zumo 2040 robot if you do not want all of the parts included with our full kit.

Zumo 2040 robot kit contents

Contents of the Zumo 2040 robot kit.

The kit version of the Zumo 2040 robot includes the following items:

  • Zumo Chassis Kit, which includes:
    • Zumo chassis main body
    • two drive sprockets
    • two idler sprockets
    • two 22-tooth silicone tracks
    • two shoulder bolts with washers and M3 nuts
    • six 1/4″ #2-56 screws and nuts
    • battery terminals
  • Zumo 2040 Main Board, which includes:
    • two 1×2 machine pin sockets for IR LEDs
    • buzzer
    • 1×7 low-profile male header for OLED display
    • jumper wires (for soldering motors to the main board)
    • two magnetic encoder discs (12 CPR)
    • 2×12 female header for front sensor array
    • six 3/16″ #2-56 screws and nuts
    • two 1/4″ #2-56 standoffs
  • Zumo 2040 Front Sensor Array, which includes:
    • 2×12 extended male header for sensor array
    • two wide-angle and two narrow-angle through-hole infrared LEDs (these plug into the main board and serve as forward emitters for the proximity sensor detectors located on the front sensor array)
  • Zumo Windowed Blade, which includes
    • forward IR emitter LED holder
    • two 3/16″ #2-28 thread-forming screws for LED holder
  • graphical OLED display (the version included with the kit is black)

The robot and chassis kit might include extra parts like jumper wires, screws, nuts, washers, and an acrylic spacer plate (which is not used in the Zumo 2040), so do not be concerned if you have some leftover hardware after assembling your Zumo.

Assembled Zumo 2040 robot

The assembled versions of the Zumo 2040 robot are complete, ready-to-program robot platforms built from the same components found in the Zumo 2040 Robot Kit; no soldering or assembly is required. A choice of three motor gear ratios offer different combinations of torque and speed.

Different versions of the assembled Zumo 2040 robots can be identified with a sticker on the underside of the main board, visible inside the battery compartment of the Zumo without batteries installed. The color of the sticker indicates the gear ratio of the robot’s motors:

  • Green: 50:1 HP
  • Blue: 75:1 HP
  • Red: 100:1 HP

The assembled Zumo 2040 robot is fitted with wide-angle IR emitter LEDs (clear); the narrow-angle LEDs (blue) are not included.

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