5.h. 0x92 & 0x93: Get Motor M0 & M1 Speed

Command 0x92 (146): Get Motor M0 Speed

Compact protocol: 0x92
Pololu protocol: 0xAA, device ID, 0x12

Command 0x93 (147): Get Motor M1 Speed

Compact protocol: 0x93
Pololu protocol: 0xAA, device ID, 0x13

These commands return the present motor speeds, which can be useful in determining the current state of an accelerating motor or the speed that results from active current limiting. Please note that this command returns the speeds to which the Qik is trying to set the motors, not necessarily their actual speeds. For example, if the Qik is trying to drive a stalled motor at full speed, the returned speed might be 255 (0xFF) even though the actual motor speed is zero. To get a measure of actual motor speed, you would need to obtain external feedback, such as from an encoder.

The values returned by these commands range from 0 to 127 in 7-bit mode and from 0 to 255 in 8-bit mode. The returned motor speed is zero if the associated motor is braking.

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