6. The P-Star Bootloader

6.1. Memory organization
6.2. Startup procedure
6.3. Bootloader I/O pin usage
6.4. Bootloader LED behavior
6.5. Configuration bits

The P-Star comes with a proprietary bootloader developed by Pololu that uses a native USB protocol. The bootloader allows you to read and write the flash and EEPROM memories of the chip without using an external programmer.

There are two different versions of the P-Star bootloader:

  • The P-Star 25K50 Bootloader is used on the P-Star 25K50 Micro.
  • The P-Star 45K50 Bootloader is used on the P-Star 45K50 Mini SV.

These versions are essentially the same, but they have different USB product IDs and different USB string descriptors.

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