5.d. Using AVRDUDE

It is also possible to program your Orangutan using AVRDUDE, which is included in the WinAVR package. To send the blinking LED program to your Orangutan, you would type something similar to following into a command console:

    cd C:\BlinkLED\default
    avrdude -p m168 -P COM2 -c avrispv2 -e -U flash:w:BlinkLED.hex

The argument following the -p is the part number and should be m328p, m168, or m48. The argument following the -P is the port; you can use your computer’s Device Manager to figure out the COM port of your Orangutan USB programmer. The programmer ID is specified using the -c option and should be avrispv2. The -e option results in a chip erase and the -U option is used for writing, reading, or verifying flash, EEPROM, fuses, or lock bits. In this example we are using -U to write BlinkLED.hex to flash. Please see the AVRDUDE documentation in WinAVR\doc\avrdude\ for more detailed information.