1. Introduction

Attention: If you are assembling a Zumo Robot for Arduino using the Zumo Shield for Arduino, please follow the more specialized assembly instructions for that product instead of the ones in this document!

The Pololu Zumo chassis kit contains the components you need to build a small, high-performance tracked robot platform. It measures less than 10 cm on each side, making it compact enough to qualify for Mini Sumo competitions. The main body of the chassis is composed of black ABS plastic and has sockets for two micro metal gearmotors and a compartment for four AA batteries (not included), with battery terminals that protrude through the chassis and can be accessed from the top. Each side of the chassis has an idler sprocket that spins freely and a drive sprocket that connects to a motor, which together support a flexible one-piece silicone track. A black acrylic plate is included with the chassis; it holds the motors in place and can be used for mounting your electronics, such as your microcontroller, motor drivers, and sensors.

Kit Components

  • Zumo chassis main body
  • 1/16″ black acrylic mounting plate
  • Two drive sprockets
  • Two idler sprockets
  • Two 22-tooth silicone tracks
  • Two shoulder bolts with washers and M3 nuts
  • Four 1/4″ #2-56 screws and nuts
  • Battery terminals

The kit includes extra nuts and washers, so do not be concerned if you have some leftover hardware after assembling your Zumo.

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