5.a. Serial Communication Settings

Unlike our other Pololu serial controllers, the TReX Jr does not support automatic baud detection. Instead, you can configure the TReX Jr to run at one of 11 common baud rates ranging from 1200 to 115,200 bits per second. The TReX Jr ships with a default baud rate of 19,200 bps.

The TReX Jr allows you to optionally select one of three different kinds of error detection to help you ensure the integrity of your communications: even parity, odd parity, or 7-bit cyclic redundancy checking (CRC-7). Cyclic redundancy checking is explained in more detail in Section 5.e. The default setting is no error detection.

Lastly, you can specify whether serial communication with the TReX Jr will use one or two stop bits. The default setting is one stop bit.

These serial settings are controlled by a single “serial-settings” configuration parameter (see Section 5.d for more information).

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