10.e. USB Configurations Recognized by the Wixel Configuration Software

The Wixel Configuration Utility and the Wixel Command-Line Utility can currently only recognize certain Wixel apps. If your app is not recognized, then users of your app will not easily be able to reconfigure it after they have loaded it onto their Wixel (they will have to get their Wixel into bootloader mode manually).

To be recognized, your app must implement a particular USB interface. Specifically, it must implement a USB CDC ACM virtual COM port with vendor ID 0x1FFB and product ID 0x2200. When the USB host sends a command to your app that sets the baud rate to 333, your app should enter bootloader mode. Your app should work with the wixel_serial.inf driver which is installed along with the other Windows software (see Section 3.a). The easiest way to write an app that meets these requirements is to use the usb_cdc_acm.lib library in the Wixel SDK.

In the future we will add support for other types of USB interfaces if there is a need for it. Please contact us if you would like to use other types of interfaces in your apps.

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