Pololu USB Software Development Kit

The Pololu USB Software Development Kit is a package that contains example code for making your own PC applications that control Pololu USB Devices. The code lets you easily use the native USB interfaces of the devices, allowing access to more features than the virtual COM ports. For each supported device, there is a class library that allows your program to interact with the device using simple, high-level function calls. The kit also contains complete example applications. Most of the code is written in C#, but there are Visual Basic .NET and Visual C++ examples for both the Maestro and the Simple Motor Controller. Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, and 8) and Linux are supported.

You do not need to be a USB expert to use this code. You can either modify our example applications to suit your needs, or you can import our class libraries in to your own application.

The Pololu USB Software Development Kit includes libraries and example code for the following devices:

Pololu Jrk USB Motor Controller with Feedback: The jrks are highly configurable brushed DC motor controllers that support four interface modes.

Pololu Maestro USB Servo Controller: The Maestro family of servo controllers incorporates native USB and internal scripting control.

Pololu Simple Motor Controllers: The Pololu Simple High-Power Motor Controllers are versatile, general-purpose motor controllers for brushed, DC motors.

Pololu USB AVR Programmer: A programmer for AVR-based controllers, such as our Orangutan robot controllers and the 3pi robot. (Configuration and status only: SLO-scope features are not yet supported by the Software Development Kit.)

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You can download the latest version here:

Older versions

These are available in case you have trouble with the most recent version.