3.c. Using the Maestro without USB

It is possible to use the Maestro as a serial servo controller without installing any USB drivers or using a PC. Without using USB, you will not be able to change the Maestro’s settings, but you can use the default settings which are suitable for many applications. The default settings that the Maestro ships with are described below.

Default Settings

  • The serial mode is “UART, detect baud rate”; after you send the 0xAA baud rate indication byte, the Maestro will accept TTL-level serial commands on the RX line.
  • The Pololu Protocol device number is 12, the Mini SSC offset is 0, and serial timeout and CRC are disabled.
  • All channels are configured as servos, with a minimum pulse with of 992 μs and a maximum pulse width of 2000 μs.
  • The 8-bit neutral point is 1500 μs and the 8-bit range is 476.25 μs.
  • On startup or error, the servos turn off (no pulses are sent).
  • On startup, there are no speed or acceleration limits, but you can set speed and acceleration limits using serial commands.
  • The servo period is 20 ms (each servo receives a pulse every 20 ms).
  • The user script is empty.