5.g. Resetting the Serial Communication Parameters

It is possible to reset the TReX to its default serial settings using the following jumper sequence:

  1. Power off your TReX.
  2. Attach the channel-mix jumper.
  3. Attach the learning-mode/firmware-update jumper (i.e. short SO (Serial Out ) pin to G (Ground)).
  4. Remove the mode-selection jumper (i.e. set the TReX for Serial Mode).
  5. Restore power to your TReX. You should see the red and green status LEDs alternating around once per second.
  6. Remove the channel-mix jumper. You should now see the red and green status LEDs alternating around four times per second.
  7. Power off your TReX.

When you next power up your TReX, its serial settings will be back to their default values: 19.2 kbps baud, 1 stop bit, no error detection

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