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Pololu item #: 24
Price: $2.95

This TI SN754410 motor driver features two H-bridges that can be used for bidirectional control of two DC motors or to control a single stepper motor. It operates from 4.5 to 36 V and can deliver a peak current of 1 A per channel (the continuous current you can deliver depends on how well you can keep the driver IC cool).

Pololu item #: 128
Price: $10.95

The VNH3SP30 is a great H-bridge motor driver for motors running from 6-16 V and drawing up to about 15 A. The chip is able to withstand 40-V transients, has a peak current of 30 A, and features various fault protection features such as over-temperature and over-current shutdown. For a higher-output version, see the VN2HSP30.

Pololu item #: 537
Price: $10.95

The VNH2SP30 is an improved version of the VNH3SP30 motor driver, featuring current sensing, increased drive capability, and a higher maximum PWM frequency of 20 kHz.

Pololu item #: 210
Price: $10.00
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This microcontroller is pre-programmed with our dual serial motor controller firmware.

Pololu item #: 276
Price: $16.95
Out of stock.

This microcontroller is pre-programmed with our serial 8-servo controller firmware.

Note: We have released the second-generation Maestro USB servo controllers, which are better than this product in almost every way. This product is now only available by large-volume special order. Please contact us for more information.

Pololu item #: 280
Price: $26.95

This microcontroller is pre-programmed with our serial 16-servo controller firmware.